I paid for a e-Date membership, which includes a free membership for my date as well. How can my date access his/her free membership?

When you send your first e-Date, the recipient will be prompted to sign up for his/her free membership upon opening your first e-Date. If the recipient signs up at that time, then the free membership will be redeemed and he or she can begin sending you unlimited e-Dates as well.

If the recipient fails to sign up for the free membership upon receipt of the first e-Date, then you can always re-invite him or her by going to “My Account” > then the “e-Dates” tab > then the “Membership” subtab. At the bottom of the Membership page, there is a section entitled “Free Partner Membership.” There, you can enter the email of the person whom you wish to receive the free membership, and we’ll send an email to that address inviting him or her to sign up.

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