How do I add Faces to my book?

We have created a short video tutorial that shows you exactly how to upload and create a Face on Datevitation.  We highly recommend you watch the video (embedded below), which should answer all your questions.  If you have difficulty watching the video on this page, you can view it on youtube here.

As you can see in the video above, creating a face on Datevitation is a simple 4-step process.
  1. Upload A Photo - The first step is to upload a photo.   We give you the option to upload a photo from your computer or Facebook.   Please be sure to follow our photo guidelines for best printing results.  
  2. Position Face - The next step is to position the face. Drag the face into the provided hole and use the controls to your left to Zoom and Rotate the photo for the perfect fit.  We also provide various jawline options for additional fine-tuning.
  3. Add A Hairstyle - The next step is to add a hairstyle.  We offer a variety of colors and hair style options.  If you prefer, you can opt against using a hairstyle in which case your face will appear as whatever you defined in Step 2. 
  4. Save Face -  The final step is to name and save the face to your account.  

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